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AFP to PS Converter

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AFP to PS Converter features include,



• Convert AFP to PS
• Convert AFP to EPS

• Create PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript with searchable text

• Transform AFP to PS and EPS directly without conversion to IPDS by the PSF (Print Services Facility)

• Optimize AFP transform either by speed or by quality

• Speedy conversion to efficiently handle production sized jobs

• Customize output file name with date and time information as prefix or suffix

• Delete or keep input files after conversion
• Support PostScript language Level 1, Level 1.5, Level 2 and Level 3

• Import AFP files from Windows local or network shared folders

• Embed host fonts from IPDS/AFP document into PostScript and EPS file

• Support font mapping and AFM and PFB fonts

• Process page segments, medium overlays, graphical overlays and inline forms

• Maintain directory tree structure for AFP to PDF conversion

• Compact PS and EPS files as smaller as possible