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AFP to TIFF Converter

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AFP to TIFF Converter features include,



• Convert AFP to TIFF

• Transform AFP to TIFF formats directly without conversion to IPDS by the PSF (Print Services Facility)
• Support for AFP to PCX, AFP to PSD, AFP to PBM, AFP to PGM, AFP to PNM, AFP to PPM conversion

• Optimize AFP transform either by speed or by quality

• Speedy conversion to efficiently handle production sized jobs

• Maintain directory tree structure for AFP conversion
• Delete or keep input files after conversion

• Customize output file name with date and time information as prefix or suffix

• Support 32bit full color conversion

• Support RGB, CMYK, Device Gray color model

• Support ICM intent and method

• Sharpen image and graphics in output
• Anti-aliasing for text and graphics

• Image rotation
• Adjustable image resolution for AFP to TIFF conversion
• RLE and DeltaRow Compression for Bitmap and PCL
• Define Maximum Strip Size for FAX (G4 TIF)
• Auto Adjust Width to align with standard paper sheets for FAX

• Compress monochrome TIFF files with LZW Compression and PackBits Compression

• Output 8-bit Grayscale, 12-bit RGB, 24-bit RGB, 48-bit RGB TIFF

• Output 32-bit CMYK, 64-bit CMYK

• Color separation of AFP page into four process colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, in four TIFF images

• Support G4 Gray separation for AFP document page