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Step by Step Instructions

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Here is an example on how to use AFP Conversion Suite to batch several AFP reports to TIFF images.



1. Launch AFP Conversion Suite


2. Click 'Add File(s)...' button, select one or more AFP files


3. Repeat Step 2 if you have more AFP files in other locations or you can click 'Add Folder' button to add all AFP files in your selected folder


4. Set the Output Options, Output TIFF files to a specific folder, here the specific folder is D:\test2


5. Set the Conversion Options, High Quality




6. Click 'Advanced Options...' button to select the TIFF image format and adjust the TIFF settings,




7. Click OK button to close this TIFF Settings dialog


8. Now click 'Convert' button to start the AFP to TIFF transform,



All selected AFP files would be processed and converted to TIFF images in the D:\test2 folder after the AFP to TIFF conversion.


You can click Stop button (Convert button becomes Stop button immediately after the conversion begins) to terminate the conversion process at any time.