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Output Options

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You can choose to output the target files in the same folder of the source AFP files or to output target files to a specific folder of your preferences. This folder is also called destination folder.


Keep tree structure for PDF files: this option enables the output target files to be created with hierarchical folder structure in the target folder.


Delete AFP file after conversion: the source AFP file will be erased once it is converted to other file format.




Append date and time to output file name: Once this feature is enabled, output file name will be appended with a sequence of date and time information. For example, suppose you convert AFP document to TXT, and your AFP document is named Report.AFP, and the output file name would be Report_20110815_155305_929.txt rather than Report.txt. Here the suffix is _20110815_155305_929, 2011 is the year, 08 is month, 15 is the day, 155305 stands for 15:53:05 (hour:minute:second), 929 is the milliseconds.