AFP to PDF Converter

Convert AFP to PDF in batch on Microsoft Windows.

AFP2PDF Transform Server

Transform AFP documents to PDF with enterprise class software in high volume environment.

AFP to PDF Conversion Advantages:

Reduce printing cost
Avoid costly changes or replacement of your AFP based print applications
Archive AFP/AFPDS/IPDS in Adobe Portable Document Format
Easy integration with Microsoft Windows applications
Eliminate the need for specialized printers
Avoid new investment on IPDS capable printers
Save papers and protect the environment
Accelerate the delivery of reports by email, FTP, and network shared folder.
Lessen storage budget for hard copy reports
Categorize documents and reports by using PDF metadata
Increase efficiency of information retrieval

Virtual IPDS Printer

Turn your non-IPDS printer into an IPDS capable printer with software emulation.

IPDS Print Server

An affordable software emulation solution for AFP / IPDS printing supporting the Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) protocol primarily used for printing large business reports, bar code labels, and invoices in high volumes.

Choose a product that meets your need:

AFP to PDF Converter  (Desktop product)                             AFP to PS Converter  (Desktop product)
PDF to AFP Converter  (Desktop product)                             AFP to PCL Converter  (Desktop product)
AFP2PDF Transform Server  (Server based product)             AFP to TIFF Converter  (Desktop product)
PDF2AFP Transform Server  (Server based product)             AFP to Image Converter  (Desktop product)
Virtual IPDS Printer (Desktop and server product)                 AFP to XML Converter  (Desktop product)
IPDS Print Server (Server product)                                      AFP to HTML Converter  (Desktop product) 
AFP to Text Converter (Desktop product)                              AFP to RTF Converter (Desktop product)
AFP2TIFF Transform Server (Server product)                       AFP2PCL Transform Server (Server product)
AFP2PS Transform Server (Server product)                          AFP2Image Transform Server (Server product)
AFP2Text Transform Server (Server product)                       AFP2HTML Transform Server (Server product)
AFP2XML Transform Server (Server product)                       AFP2RTF Transform Server (Server product)
AFP Transform Server (Server product)                               AFP Conversion Suite (Desktop product)

Command line versions are available for AFP to PDF Converter and PDF to AFP Converter.

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