FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following topics are the most frequently asked questions by IT administrators and end-users. The answers to most questions can be found in the user guide.


      Why the software does not work after install ?      

      Can you confirm that the software works with Windows 64-bit ?

      I got an error message saying Port Deleted, what should I do ?

      Why the installer connects to the Internet during installation ?


  IPDS Print Server, Virtual IPDS Printer 

      The software does not work properly when I apply new settings. Why?

      Is Windows Server operating system a must for setting up the software ?

      Nothing is printed on my non IPDS printer. Anything goes wrong ? 

      How can I share the Virtual IPDS Printer for AS/400 and IBM Mainframe ?      

      What is the difference between the two products ?

      How can I share the hot folder for other computer users ?      

      Does the software support Unicode, Eastern European and Asian languages ?

      What is the licensing model for IPDS Print Server if I have multiple printers to emulate ?

      How to print AFP files from AS/400 to an IPDS printer?

  AFP to PDF Conversion, PDF to AFP Conversion

      I set Launch on startup in AFP2PDF Transform Server, however it doesn't work. Why?

      I disconnect my computer from the Internet, and the software fails to install. Why ?

      How can I password protect the output PDF file ?

      How to change the paper size in the result PDF files ?

      After AFP to PDF conversion certain types of characters are missing. How to solve it ?    

      Which conversion mode should I use ? Speed or Quality ?

      The conversion does not end, the program freezes. Why ?

      How to remove the Unregistered watermark on the output PDF files ?

      How to add author, title, subject, keywords information to PDF files ?      

      I found a new folder C:\IPDSCache created by the software, can I delete it ?      

      How to create AFP files ?  

      Why some PDF documents are converted to AFP files incorrectly? Black background, white text. 

  AFP to TIFF, AFP to TXT, AFP to PCL, AFP to JPEG, AFP to BMP, AFP to HTML, AFP to XML et al

      How can I convert several AFP reports into JPG or TIF images page by page?

      If I convert AFP to Text using your AFP Converter, will the formatting and layout be kept?

      Can I convert AFP to EPS and specify the PostScript Language Level to 3 ?

      I need to convert AFP to web pages with images in place. Does your product support Arabic ?

      If I convert AFP to PNG, I wish to specify a background color. Is it possible ?

      What is the difference between AFP to Image Converter and AFP to TIFF Converter?

      Can I change the output file name? I want to append date and time information.


  Developers and Programmers

      Do you offer Command Line Version or SDK for C, C++, Delphi, C#, VB.NET programmers ?      

      Do you sell Developer's License ? 



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