Q: Can I change the output file name? I want to append date and time information.



The AFP Transform Server software and other AFP to *** Transform Server products offer an option namely Append date and time to output file name. Once this feature is enabled, output file name will be appended with a sequence of date and time information. For example, suppose you convert AFP document to TXT, and your AFP document is named Report.AFP, and the output file name would be Report_20110815_155305_929.txt rather than Report.txt. Here the suffix is _20110815_155305_929, 2011 is the year, 08 is month, 15 is the day, 155305 stands for 15:53:05 (hour:minute:second), 929 is the milliseconds.

You can customize the suffix to any string of your preference if you don't feel like the default file name <FileName>_yyyyMMdd_hhmmss_zzz.<FileExt>.

<FileName> is the name of the AFP input file without any file extension.

<FileExt> is the file extension of the output file.

For example, suppose the input file is Report.afp, and you perform AFP to TXT transform, you will have <FileName> stood for Report, and <FileExt> stood for txt.

yyyy is the year, MM is month, dd is day, hh is hour, mm is minute, ss is second, zzz is milliseconds.

You can customize and create your own file name patterns according to the syntax. To show the output file name customization dialog, you need to click Append date and time to output file name option on the user interface, and press Shift key on your keyboard, you will see,

In this field, you can input your own file name pattern.

Alternatively, you can remove the <FileName> prefix completely, leaving just a sequence of numbers composed of date and/or time information. For example,


In this case, neither <FileName> nor <FileExt> exists. You will get the output file name like 20110815155305666, 20110815155308111, ...

To revert the file name pattern to its default value, you can simply clear the filename pattern and make the field blank.

For complete usage, read the syntax.






















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