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IPDS Printing Solutions Inc., one of the booming innovative software providers, was founded in 2003. We provide the market with many pieces of professional document conversion and publishing software with rich features and easy-to-use design.

IPDS Printing Solutions now offers software solutions specifically designed for high performance AFP to PDF conversion, IPDS printer emulation, and AFP/IPDS files creation.

Powered by our leading AFP to PDF transform and conversion technology, users can quickly convert IBM MO:DCA (AFP, IOCA and PTOCA) documents to searchable PDF. Unlike other software solutions simply rasterizing the AFP document to full-page images, AFP to PDF Converter maintains all document objects such as graphics, searchable text, tables and live forms, uniquely within the generated PDF for easy access by Adobe Reader XI or any other PDF viewers.

In August 2011 IPDS Printing Solutions introduces several new products to convert AFP to PS, AFP to EPS, AFP to PCL, AFP to TIFF, AFP to JPEG, AFP to PNG, AFP to GIF, AFP to GIF, AFP to XML, AFP to HTML, AFP to TXT, AFP to RTF, AFP to FAX.

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