Virtual IPDS Printer

Emulate an IPDS capable printer that fully supports the IPDS protocol using your existing LaserJet, Inkjet printer, or MFP device.

Using this software emulation solution for IPDS printing, users can print reports of IBM IPDS data streams produced from a wide range of systems such as AS/400-i series IBM power- and mainframe-systems with a resolution up to 600 dpi, plus seamless emulation switching. Users also get tray and bin mapping and integrated-solution support features.
IPDS printer emulation

Virtual IPDS Printer, as its name indicates, is a pure software emulation solution for IPDS printing, which translates Intelligent Printer Data Stream directly into common printer languages eliminating the need for expensive investment on specialized hardware, extra software, and major reprogramming on the host side.

The Virtual IPDS Printer software installs a printer namely Virtual IPDS Printer to your printer list, and it enables fast and flexible printing from mainframe, midrange and other non-Windows host systems - such as UNIX, AIX, AS/400, IBM pSeries, iSeries, zSeries, xSeries, and Linux - to any Windows-based printers.

Easy to install and integrate, Virtual IPDS Printer simplifies cross-platform printing and central management of print jobs. With the help of IPDS to PDF (Portable Document Format) converter plug-in, users can print AFP/AFPDS/IPDS to PDF files without difficulty, thereby conserving bandwidth, and promoting fast transmission of print documents for previewing, printing and archiving.

Organizations using Virtual IPDS Printer will gain the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity and reduced cost.

Version 2.1 is now available!

This new version adds support for Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit and Windows Server 2021 64-bit edition. Visit the download section to install the new version.


Virtual IPDS Printer Features:

Support for AFP/IPDS over the LAN using TCP/IP
Support for all IPDS data and resource towers
Supports emulation of common IBM IPDS and SCS printers
Share Virtual IPDS Printer as a network printer across your organizations
Support for black-and-white printing and full color printing
Conversion of the IPDS data stream done by host resources and increases print speeds.
IPDS host printing and standard network printing is done in an Ethernet environment, eliminating the expense of a dedicated host AFP/IPDS printer
Supports Advanced Function Printing (AFP) using native IPDS protocol
Supports all AFP/IPDS Towers
Uncompromised support for barcode, images, electronic forms, overlays, resource management, error recovery
Host controlled printing and page range printing
Flexible page positioning is provided without modifying the applications
Device tray mapping
Edge-to-edge printing on select printers
Configuration via software control panel
Support for traditional coax or twinax printing
Using AFP/IPDS and PSF, capture fonts to hard disk or flash memory resulting in reduced network traffic over LAN, coax or twinax connections
Support duplex printing and up to five paper input sources depending on host software
Support for multiple output destinations
The printer can be configured to take advantage of additional memory to improve performance for complex print jobs
Archive IPDS print jobs and spooled files as AFP document, page segment, medium overlay, and overlay from any Windows application that supports printing (Print-To-File)
Multiple Simultaneous Connections
Support a complete set of paper sizes
Define custom paper size
Paper type includes White, Colored, Transparent
Flexible page orientation such as Portrait, Landscape, Portrait 180, Landscape 270
Clip unprintable area or offset plus size
Grayscale methods include photographic dither, compressed dither, diagonal dither, line art halftone
Color options for B/W, Color/White, 16 colors, and 32-bit full color CMYK
Color Management with ICC Profiles
Adjust image resolution between 300x300 and 600x600 dpi
JPEG and LZW compression algorithm for images
Support level of graphic objects that comply with GOCA's DR/2V0 standard
Easy Intensity and Contrast Controls
Best output fidelity for TrueType fonts as references, inline resources, or images
Optimize text in Open Type fonts, raster fonts, and outline fonts
Maintain Output Fidelity for placement in character, word, and line level
Print Text as Graphics for printers not fully-compliant to PT2, PT3 standards
Support EBCDIC code page
Adjust Text Order when necessary
Font substitution of AFP character set with closely matched Windows font
Enable or disable Text Rules to trade off between speed, file size, and output fidelity
Support Inline Form Definition
Rich Duplex Options like Simplex, Duplex, Tumble Duplex
Various Form To Tray assignment
Finishing Options include Staple, Punch, Edge, Saddle
Produce AFP output files as smaller as possible
Change file extension for AFP documents, page segments, medium overlays, and overlays
Import and export settings
Automatic installation and configuration on Windows x86 and Windows x64
Live update for new versions and plug-in on Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit
Native support for 5000+ Windows applications
No changes to host applications or printers
Free upgrades in the future for registered users

System Requirements:

Intel or AMD processor 1.6GHz or better
100MB free disk space
1024x768 or higher resolution for display
Microsoft Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003/2000 or Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP [32bit or 64bit]

Installation and Using Virtual IPDS Printer - Only 5 Steps

1. Download the Virtual IPDS Printer software and install it on a PC (Windows sever or workstation)
2. You get a new network shared printer namely Virtual IPDS Printer in your printer folder
3. Launch Virtual IPDS Printer Configuration Manager, and choose a target printer to emulate as an IPDS printer
4. Click Apply button
5. Print your document from any computer (Windows host or AS/400 host or IBM Mainframe) to this shared Virtual IPDS Printer, and you will get the output in your target printer.

How to make Virtual IPDS Printer (already installed on PC) accessible from AS/400 - Only 5 Steps

1. From the Start menu, select All Programs, IBM AS400 Client Access Express, Emulator, Start or Configure Session. A "Configure PC5250″ dialog box will be displayed.

2. In the Workstation Name field, key in the name you want to give the printer on the AS400, here it should be 'Virtual IPDS Printer'. For emulation type click on the Printer radio button.

3. Click on the Setup button and select the option to transform to ASCII on the AS400, that then allows you to select the printer type to use for the transformation.

4. Click on OK/Apply until the configure screen disappears and you are left with an emulated printer front panel. Now use the File menu in the emulator window and use the Printer Setup and Page Setup options to tell Client Access which printer you want to use and also how to format the page, etc.

5. When done, save the configuration definition so you can use it again. An output queue will have been created on the AS400, move a spool file to it and you should see it print.

Note, that defining a printer emulation session in Client Access means that you have to have the PC and Client Access running to use the printer. Alternative options would be to use an LPD server (I use one from SDI that works really well and seems to be more stable than Client Access) or to connect the printer directly to the network and configure it on the AS400 as a remote printer.


Virtual IPDS Printer in printer folder:

IPDS Printer

 Screen Capture for Virtual IPDS Printer Configuration Manager software:

Virtual IPDS Printer UI

NOTE: Virtual IPDS Printer can be mapped to only one Laserjet, Inkjet, or Multi-Function Printer. If you want to emulate more printers into IPDS capable printers, please consider IPDS Print Server software.

User Manual:

You can download the user manual in PDF format or read online the web version.


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