Q: What is the difference between IPDS Print Server and Virtual IPDS Printer software ? 


Answer: IPDS Print Server is a software emulator that emulate multiple printers as IPDS printers. The way of using the software is to drop AFP files or IPDS spooled job files into a hot folder that is mapped to the corresponding printer. For example, you have a printer named HP LaserJet 5200 PCL6, and you can create a hot folder named C:\HotFolder\HP LaserJet 5200 PCL6\, and once an AFP file is placed into this folder, you get the printout on paper sheet from the real HP LaserJet 5200 printer.

Virtual IPDS Printer is quite a different product, which installs a Virtual IPDS Printer in your printer list, and make it a printer share over your network, and you can specify only one real printer that is mapped to this shared printer. Any user can print virtually anything from any operating system, such as AS/400, zSeries OS, to this network shared printer, and the printout eventually appears on paper sheets via the real printer.

The IBM Systems

The current IBM product lines that we refer to in this site are:

TotalStorage (disk and tape subsystems)

IBM has made a number of changes over the years to the naming of their products. Knowing that the old and the new terms are in common use, we use both in this site.

IBM eServer iSeries became IBM System i
IBM eServer pSeries became IBM System p
IBM eServer xSeries became IBM System x
IBM eServer zSeries became IBM System z
IBM TotalStorage became IBM Storage
IBM eServer BladeCenter became IBM BladeCenter
IBM eServer 1350 became IBM System Cluster 1350












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